Farmington Area

Farmington and Farmington Hills, Michigan

Farmington Area

We searched about for something to call this site that would include both the city of Farmington and the city of Farmington Hills, and found that the school system (which encompasses both cities) is called The Farmington Area School System. Well, it's precedent of a sort, so we will call this the Farmington Area website, devoted to the history and genealogy of former local residents, and current business and resource links.

Downtown Farmington photo ca 1910 by Louis James Pesha
Grace House first building on right.

It is our hope that local businesses will support this site, so that we can bring you as much local history as possible for free. There is a small charge for those wishing to fully participate in the genealogy section, as that is a massive amount of work and needs some support. If a local business or individual wishes to endow that section with a $500/month contribution, it will be made free for all interested parties.

This site has been online since 2005, but was completely revamped and greatly expanded in July 2014, and the work continues. To contribute information or photos, visit the places section, where over 2,000 places are listed.

NOTE: Farmington Area website is not associated in any way with the City of Farmington, the City of Farmington Hills or the Farmington Area Public Schools.